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Ahoy, mateyys from all over! It is I, Garn, and I wanna welcome you to the Official GarnVerse Wiki. In here I store all my lil' bits'o information concerning this creative project (or non-commercial franchise, if you will), be it mostly character sheets, lore and info on upcoming books, comics, animations, etc.

Currently, the GarnVerse knows 3 major settings that the lion's share of the stories take place in (excluding the Crossover, that kinda goes wherever it wishes): Therion, Wild Tales and V3N4TOR. Most articles are sorted within these 3 settings. Some characters, species, planets, etc. appear in the Crossover as well, but to avoid cluttering the categories, only the world that the subject originates from (where they are born, where they are first mentioned, etc.) will be listed.

  • Therion - A chaotic desertpunk setting where violence and mayhem run the show, complete with beastly mutant shapeshifters, a colorful ecosystem that is definitely out to kill you, bizarre landscapes to explore and plenty of dangerously wild adventures to go on.
  • Wild Tales - A fantastic noir setting bustling with animal-people mobster gangs to be joined, cold cases to be solved and magickal anomalies to hunt in the name of the state, all against the gorgeous backdrop of a corrupt, lawless and charmingly retro dieselpunk metropolis.
  • V3N4TOR - A nihilistic, post-apocalyptic setting set on a dead planet, where funky canine-people take a stand against malicious xenobots, the absurdily grim environment and the whims of their ruthless patron god, sporting the weirdest guns, get-ups and cybergadgets while at it.